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Addiction Treatment and Recovery – What’s a Day like in a Drug or Alcohol Rehab Centre?

The stigma around rehabilitation for drug addiction often gets in the way of addicts even looking into the treatment options available to them, let alone admitting themselves to a UK rehab near them. It’s only normal to fear the unknown, but it’s by providing a window into rehabilitation that we can normalize it, encouraging more […]

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What Makes a Good Rehabilitation Centre – Finding the Recovery Program for You

The complex nature of addiction is a significant contributor to how difficult it can be to treat. Addiction and the circumstances that led to it are unique from one victim to the next, and that means that more often than not, the approach to rehabilitation should be equally unique and tailored to each patient. It’s […]

The link between Between Alcohol addiction and Violence

The link between Between Alcohol addiction and Violence

There’s an undeniable link between alcoholism and violence, whether it’s in relation to crime, domestic violence, or road accidents. With the sale of alcohol largely unregulated, individuals with a past record of violence can easily purchase and consume alcohol, a substance renowned for impending judgement and encouraging volatile behaviour. Even well-mannered and otherwise non-violent individuals […]

What Happens in Substance Rehabilitation

What Happens in Substance Rehabilitation – The 4 Stages of Treatment

The road to a life of healthy, sober living from substance addiction is a long and difficult one, but it’s an essential road to travel nonetheless. A life of sobriety and freedom from addiction is worth fighting for, and with the help of a rehabilitation centre, you can achieve and maintain your recovery lifestyle. Recovery […]

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Drug Addiction in The UK and the Booming Drug Trade – As Easy as Ordering-In

Drug addiction in the UK has always been of serious concern, and yet, alarmingly, recent studies have found illicit drug use, and the rampant crime to come with it, to be on a steady rise. Studies show that in the last year, 3 million UK citizens have abused illegal substances, and these substances are reportedly […]

Alcoholism and Relapse on the Rise in the UK – The Effects of Isolation

The lockdown and social distancing have been incredibly difficult to many, and even more so for those living alone, both with and without preexisting conditions. Isolated from the rest of the world, often without employment or a stable support system, alcoholics and even recovering alcoholics will turn to alcohol to escape the pain of lockdown […]

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Alcohol Addiction

The consumption of alcohol is so heavily normalized and ingrained into our society that alcohol addiction accounts for the most cases of substance abuse in the UK and the world over. In spite of its high addiction liability and the staggering rate of alcohol-related fatal accidents and criminal activity, excessive alcohol consumption is not only […]

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Behavioural Addictions

Addiction goes beyond the scope of substance abuse, and most recently, studies have shown that certain behaviours and activities can become addictive as well. Besides the already well documented and warned about addiction to gambling, there is a broad spectrum of addictions and dependencies that fall under what is known as behavioural addictions (or otherwise […]