There’s an undeniable link between alcoholism and violence, whether it’s in relation to crime, domestic violence, or road accidents. With the sale of alcohol largely unregulated, individuals with a past record of violence can easily purchase and consume alcohol, a substance renowned for impending judgement and encouraging volatile behaviour. Even well-mannered and otherwise non-violent individuals can become different people under the influence of alcohol addiction.

Alcoholism and Cases of Domestic Violence

Studies from 2019 show that during that year, 1 in 5 people in the UK had experienced domestic violence at the hands of someone under the influence of alcohol. That number is only expected to rise during the lockdown, with statistics indicating a significant rise in alcoholism and relapses into alcohol abuse, while also indicating a decrease in those seeking alcohol counseling and rehabilitation.

Not only does alcohol produce violent tendencies in those actively drunk and inebriated, but anger and violence often occur with alcohol dependency as well. When not under the influence of alcohol, alcoholics will tend to be irritable, irrational, and more prone to lashing out at those around them. Even if alcohol might momentarily lighten their mood, alcohol tends to make the addict’s moods erratic, with little regard to themselves or others. Behind closed doors, families fall victim to domestic violence at the hands of alcoholics and abusers.

Alcoholism and Cases of Domestic Violence


Alcoholism and its role in Rampant Crime

Alcohol abuse influences almost every area of crime. Most cases of substance abuse and addiction occur in conjunction with alcohol abuse, and the release of inhibitions and tendencies towards reckless behaviour often leads to cases of assault, robbery, and vandalism. Anger and irrationality also increase the risk of anger-based violence and hate-crimes.

UK statistics show that in 2017/2018 that at least 39000 incidents of robbery were believed to be under the influence of alcohol; overall, about 3 million violent crimes perpetrated under the influence of alcohol occur each year. These violent crimes will often include rape, sexual assault, aggravated and simple assault.

Drinking and driving is another criminal offense, and it’s not hard to link alcohol to fatal road accidents. Drivers under the influences have poor motor skills, perception, and reaction time, and are more likely to injure themselves, passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians. The link between alcohol and reckless behavior can also lead to aggressive driving, unnecessary risks, or speeding that can endanger others.


Alcoholism and its role in Rampant Crime

Overcoming Alcohol Dependence and Addiction through Rehabilitation

There is still hope for victims of alcohol addiction. It’s through the careful care, support, and guidance of an alcohol rehab clinic that sufferers can pursue a life of sober living. Alcohol is a dangerous substance, and it’s advised never to suddenly abstain from alcohol without the support of medical professionals. Alcohol dependence can produce painful and sometimes even deadly withdrawal symptoms. 

If you or a loved one needs to be admitted to a rehab in the UK, Rehab Helper features an extensive list of UK and internationally-based alcohol rehabilitation centres. Finding the right clinic for you is one of the first most important steps on the road to recovery. If you have any questions about treatment plans or addiction, we encourage you to reach out to us.

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